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Floating Billboard That Helps Clean the Polluted River

This is the very first kind of floating billboard in the Philippines that helps clean the polluted rivers in Metro Manila.



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The collaboration between The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Vetiver Farms Philippines, the advertising agency TBWA\SMP, and the Japanese beauty brand Shokubutsu HANA has installed an 88.5-foot-long floating billboard on the extremely polluted Pasig River in the Philippines, which is able to clean 2 to 8 thousand gallons of water per day. The floating water purification billboard is constructed out of a perennial grass called Vetiver that absorbs toxic substances and is frequently used to stabilize landfills and treat wastewater.

Billboards That Provide A Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

Here is a billboard that provides a very positive impact on the social and environmental aspect of its community.

The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and their ad agency Mayo DraftFCB have done – the first billboard in the world to make drinking water out of thin air and alleviate the lives of Peru’s people.  The two teams combined creativity and know how to come up with the first billboard in the world that produces drinking water out of air. The billboard works through a reverse osmosis system, capturing the air humidity, condensing and purifying the water, and filling it up in 20 lt. tanks. In 3 months the billboard has produced 9450 lt., making hundreds of families happy and eager to see similar systems in other towns.

This billboard is a great inspiration to help solve local issues.

RedBull Recycle Cans to Provide Renewable Energy Source that Supports Recreation to Young People


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A famous company that manufactured energy drinks uses their recycled cans as part of the company’s outdoor advertising while helping young people to continue playing even the sun is down.  After identifying that the community has faced challenges to access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy, 2,475 Red Bull cans were recycled to form a renewable source of energy and placed in different sports area.

This example of a billboard that has a positive social and environmental impact of this campaign inspire the next generation of youths to work and fight for their dreams.

Let us promote and uphold this kind of billboards that do not only help companies to promote brands but also give back to the community by using creativity in recycling various materials.