Misereor’s Interactive Billboards in International Airports That Support Payments Making Giving Easier Than Before

Misereor’s Interactive Billboards in International Airports That Support Payments Making Giving Easier Than Before

Misereor is a non-profit organization that aims to support the weakest member of the society – those poor, sick, hungry, and disadvantaged.  There are many projects that this organization supported that strengthen the self-initiative of the poor and help them know their rights and obligations – thus, helps the poor avoid being dependent on foreign aid.  The organization has also set out clear rules both itself and its partner a multistage monitoring system that guarantees the stewardship of funds remains transparent both within and outside of the organization.

With its recent interactive billboard, Misereor creatively described how one’s donation can help the poor.  The billboard allows a credit card to be swipe on at the center and then shows the proceed on the donation such as feeding the hungry.

The creative interactive billboards are put in various international airport and it amazingly attracts many airport passengers.  Misereor promotes that with the simple gesture of donating can help change the lives of many poor, sick, hungry and disadvantaged people in the society.

Nevertheless, Misereor interactive billboard makes giving so much simpler and easier like never before.

Source: People Magazine Pakistan

Transavia’s Clever Campaign that Hacked Empty Billboards

Being the low-cost airline, Transavia makes use the empty billboards for a campaign that hacked over a thousand billboards without any outdoor investment.


Floating Billboard That Helps Clean the Polluted River

This is the very first kind of floating billboard in the Philippines that helps clean the polluted rivers in Metro Manila.



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The collaboration between The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Vetiver Farms Philippines, the advertising agency TBWA\SMP, and the Japanese beauty brand Shokubutsu HANA has installed an 88.5-foot-long floating billboard on the extremely polluted Pasig River in the Philippines, which is able to clean 2 to 8 thousand gallons of water per day. The floating water purification billboard is constructed out of a perennial grass called Vetiver that absorbs toxic substances and is frequently used to stabilize landfills and treat wastewater.

Billboards That Provide A Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

Here is a billboard that provides a very positive impact on the social and environmental aspect of its community.

The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and their ad agency Mayo DraftFCB have done – the first billboard in the world to make drinking water out of thin air and alleviate the lives of Peru’s people.  The two teams combined creativity and know how to come up with the first billboard in the world that produces drinking water out of air. The billboard works through a reverse osmosis system, capturing the air humidity, condensing and purifying the water, and filling it up in 20 lt. tanks. In 3 months the billboard has produced 9450 lt., making hundreds of families happy and eager to see similar systems in other towns.

This billboard is a great inspiration to help solve local issues.

RedBull Recycle Cans to Provide Renewable Energy Source that Supports Recreation to Young People


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A famous company that manufactured energy drinks uses their recycled cans as part of the company’s outdoor advertising while helping young people to continue playing even the sun is down.  After identifying that the community has faced challenges to access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy, 2,475 Red Bull cans were recycled to form a renewable source of energy and placed in different sports area.

This example of a billboard that has a positive social and environmental impact of this campaign inspire the next generation of youths to work and fight for their dreams.

Let us promote and uphold this kind of billboards that do not only help companies to promote brands but also give back to the community by using creativity in recycling various materials.

Creative Airport Advertising Inspired by Tokopedia Done by The Perfect Media and Some Famous Airport Advertising in Baggage Conveyor

Creative airport advertising on the baggage claim for a race in an unknown airport. It is fun to explore creative on the conveyor. The Perfect Media borrowed the famous sushi on airport conveyor reclaim for Tokopedia. We used green luggage in Tokopedia’s colors and put various messages on it! It was captivating and went viral!




Here are some other famous airport baggage reclaim conveyor advertisements.







Creative Street Art with 3D Effect

Creative street art that has 3D effect depending on the angle of sight is becoming attraction-grabber.

LED Screen with Static Lightbox at Hongkong International Airport

LED Screen with Static Light Box was spotted at HongKong International Airport last November 2018. The LED Screen need not be too big, but if combined with static lightbox, it will be a more impactful attention grabber.


Targeted Advertising Coming To Highway Digital Billboards

The rise of digital billboards gave birth to the idea of targeted highway ads.  Targeted advertising in highway uses a combination of high-speed cameras that are set up a distance ahead of the billboard which is about 180 meters.  As the cameras capture images of cars, its system can recognize in those images the make and model of the cars an advertiser wants to target.  As that car passes by, the digital billboard changes into the appropriate advertising for the target car.

Why targeting a certain car make and model? Recent researches found that analyzing the make, model, and year of vehicles can accurately estimate income, race, and education level – which will then the digital billboard selects the specific advertisement intended for audience from the owner of specific car make and model.



Pegi-Pegi is Now Using Hybrid LCD Screen With Light Box Concept in Jakarta

Pegi-Pegi is an up and coming e-commerce travel platform in Indonesia.  With booking hotels as one of their services, they target frequent travelers as their market.  Here at Terminal 1 Jakarta, Pegi-Pegi is using a hybrid LCD screen with lightbox concept to attract frequent travelers at the Jakarta domestic terminal.


This is a simple yet very creative outdoor advertising that would definitely make us look twice! Job by The Perfect Media Group in 2018.