Creative Hybrid Advertising Was Spotted in Jakarta, Indonesia

With many advertisements all around, it is necessary for an outdoor advertising company to create a unique advertisement to stand out among the rest.  Here, creative hybrid advertising with LCD Screens and ambient for concept station for the commuter line was spotted in Karet station of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Creative-Hybrid Advertising-LCD Screen-Karet-Jakarta-1

The commuter line in Jakarta, Indonesia transports about more than a million passengers per day and is expected to have an increasing trend in the future.

Creative-Hybrid Advertising-LCD Screen-Karet-Jakarta-2

Similarly, there is also an increase in the number of advertisers who seized the opportunity as a great potential medium for companies to advertise their products.

Creative-Hybrid Advertising-LCD Screen-Karet-Jakarta-3

Karet Station is a train station located in Tanah AbangCentral Jakarta and very accessible to many hotels, shopping centers, and other entertainment pubs.

Creative-Hybrid Advertising-LCD Screen-Karet-Jakarta-4

Karet station only serves Commuterline trains – which as of June 2018, the average number of commuters per day reaches 1,001,438 users on weekdays, with a record of the highest number of users served in one day is 1,154,080.  The number is targeted to reach 1.2 million passengers per day by 2019.

Creative-Hybrid Advertising-LCD Screen-Karet-Jakarta-5

The creative hybrid advertising with LCD Screens is perfect as a highly attention-grabbing advertisement – one in which will captivate the commuters and will definitely check out.