Welcome to The Perfect Media Hub

Welcome to The Perfect Media Hub.

The Perfect Media started in 2002 with the belief that outdoor advertising is the perfect media for clients to market their brands. Our founder is an advertising veteran who observed that companies wanting to use outdoor media were underserved by traditional advertising agencies, and he moved to fill that gap.

We have since evolved to a team of outdoor media professionals who

  1. Think Global because we serve local brands with global aspirations; and
  2. Act Local because we serve global brands with local ambitions.

We help brand reach the right audience by carefully researching each outdoor media location; ensuring world class production quality; selecting the right illumination; and doing the other thousand-and-one things properly so that your brand can reach the right millions.

Today, we have achieved:

  1. An established presence in 12 countries;
  2. An extensive network in 20 cities;
  3. An excellent coverage in over 300 outdoor and airport locations
  4. An exceptional portfolio of over 600 clients
  5. And an exciting future as we expand our innovations to serve brand better.